Parameter Name Parameter Value Description
_4031_dump_bitvec 6639615 bitvec to specify dumps prior to 4031 error
_NUMA_instance_mapping Not specified Set of nodes that this instance should run on
_NUMA_pool_size Not specified aggregate size in bytes of NUMA pool
_PX_use_large_pool FALSE Use Large Pool as source of PX buffers
_abort_recovery_on_join FALSE if TRUE, abort recovery on join reconfigurati ons
_active_standby_fast_reconfiguration TRUE if TRUE optimize dlm reconfiguration for acti ve/standby OPS
_adaptive_direct_read TRUE Adaptive Direct Read
_adaptive_fetch_enabled TRUE enable/disable adaptive fetch in parallel gro up by
_adjust_literal_replacement FALSE If TRUE, we will adjust the SQL/PLUS output
_affinity_on TRUE enable/disable affinity at run time
_aiowait_timeouts 100 Number of aiowait timeouts before error is re ported
_all_shared_dblinks   treat all dblinks as shared
_allocate_creation_order FALSE should files be examined in creation order du ring allocation
_allocation_update_interval 3 interval at which successful search in L1 sho uld be updated
_allow_error_simulation FALSE Allow error simulation for testing
_allow_read_only_corruption FALSE allow read-only open even if database is corr upt
_allow_resetlogs_corruption FALSE allow resetlogs even if it will cause corrupt ion
_allow_terminal_recovery_corruption FALSE Finish terminal recovery even if it may cause corruption
_always_anti_join CHOOSE always use this method for anti-join when pos sible
_always_semi_join CHOOSE always use this method for semi-join when pos sible
_always_star_transformation FALSE always favor use of star transformation
_app_ctx_vers TRUE enable app ctx versioning
_aq_tm_scanlimit 0 scan limit for Time Managers to clean up IOT
_arch_io_slaves 0 ARCH I/O slaves
_async_recovery_claims TRUE if TRUE, issue recovery claims asynchronously (DFS)
_async_recovery_reads TRUE if TRUE, issue recovery reads asynchronously (DFS)
_attach_count_slack 10 unauth user processes slack
_avoid_prepare TRUE if TRUE, do not prepare a buffer when the mas ter is local (DFS)
_b_tree_bitmap_plans TRUE enable the use of bitmap plans for tables w. only B-tree indexes
_backup_disk_io_slaves 0 BACKUP Disk I/O slaves
_backup_io_pool_size 1048576 memory to reserve from the large pool
_bitmap_or_improvement_enabled TRUE controls extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_buffer_busy_wait_timeout 100 buffer busy wait time in centiseconds
_bump_highwater_mark_count 0 how many blocks should we allocate per free l ist on advancing HW
_bwr_for_flushed_pi TRUE if TRUE, generate a BWR for a flushed PI (DFS )
_cgs_send_timeout 300 CGS send timeout value
_check_block_after_checksum TRUE perform block check after checksum if both ar e turned on
_cleanup_rollback_entries 100 no. of undo entries to apply per transaction cleanup
_close_cached_open_cursors FALSE close cursors cached by PL/SQL at each commit
_collect_undo_stats TRUE Collect Statistics v$undostat
_column_elimination_off FALSE turn off predicate-only column elimination
_column_tracking_level 1 column usage tracking
_compatible_no_recovery 0.0.0 Database will be compatible unless crash or m edia recovery is ne
_complex_view_merging TRUE enable complex view merging
_controlfile_enqueue_timeout 900 control file enqueue timeout in seconds
_corrupted_rollback_segments   corrupted undo segment list
_cost_equality_semi_join TRUE enables costing of equality semi-join
_cpu_count 0 current number of cpu's for this instance
_cpu_to_io 0 divisor for converting CPU cost to I/O cost
_cr_grant_global_role TRUE if TRUE, grant lock for CR requests when bloc k is in global role
_cr_grant_local_role FALSE if TRUE, grant lock for CR using 3way ping in local role
_cr_server_log_flush TRUE if TRUE, flush redo log before serving a CR b uffer (DFS)
_cursor_db_buffers_pinned 125 additional number of buffers a cursor can pin at once
_cursor_plan_enabled TRUE enable collection and display of cursor plans
_db_aging_cool_count 1 Touch count set when buffer cooled
_db_aging_freeze_cr FALSE Make CR buffers always be too cold to keep in cache
_db_aging_hot_criteria 2 Touch count which sends a buffer to head of r eplacement list
_db_aging_stay_count 0 Touch count set when buffer moved to head of replacement list
_db_aging_touch_time 3 Touch count which sends a buffer to head of r eplacement list
_db_always_check_system_ts TRUE Always perform block check and checksum for S ystem tablespace
_db_block_buffers 254080 Number of database blocks cached in memory: h idden parameter
_db_block_cache_clone FALSE Always clone data blocks on get (for debuggin g)
_db_block_cache_num_umap 0 number of unmapped buffers (for tracking swap calls on blocks)
_db_block_cache_protect FALSE protect database blocks (true only when debug ging)
_db_block_cache_protect_internal 0 protect database blocks (for strictly interna l use only)
_db_block_check_for_debug FALSE Check more and dump block before image for de bugging
_db_block_granule_interval 10 number of granules to process
_db_block_hash_buckets 508171 Number of database block hash buckets
_db_block_hash_latches 2048 Number of database block hash latches
_db_block_hi_priority_batch_size 0 Fraction of writes for high priority reasons
_db_block_lru_latches 32 number of lru latches
_db_block_max_cr_dba 6 Maximum Allowed Number of CR buffers per dba
_db_block_max_dirty_target 0 Upper bound on modified buffers/recovery read s
_db_block_max_scan_pct 40 Percentage of buffers to inspect when looking for free
_db_block_med_priority_batch_size 0 Fraction of writes for medium priority reason s
_db_block_numa 1 Number of NUMA nodes
_db_block_prefetch_limit 0 Prefetch limit in blocks
_db_block_prefetch_quota 10 Prefetch quota as a percent of cache size
_db_block_trace_protect FALSE trace buffer protect calls
_db_cache_advice_batch_size 128 cache advisory simulation batch size
_db_cache_advice_sample_factor 4 cache advisory sampling factor
_db_file_direct_io_count 1048576 Sequential I/O buf size
_db_file_noncontig_mblock_read_count 11 number of noncontiguous db blocks to be prefe tched
_db_handles 10000 System-wide simultaneous buffer operations
_db_handles_cached 5 Buffer handles cached each process
_db_large_dirty_queue 25 Number of buffers which force dirty queue to be written
_db_mttr_advice ON MTTR advisory
_db_mttr_partitions 0 number of partitions for MTTR advisory
_db_mttr_sample_factor 64 MTTR simulation sampling factor
_db_mttr_sim_target   MTTR simulation targets
_db_mttr_sim_trace_size 256 MTTR simulation trace size
_db_mttr_trace_to_alert FALSE dump trace entries to alert file
_db_percent_hot_default 50 Percent of default buffer pool considered hot
_db_percent_hot_keep 0 Percent of keep buffer pool considered hot
_db_percent_hot_recycle 0 Percent of recycle buffer pool considered hot
_db_writer_chunk_writes 0 Number of writes DBWR should wait for
_db_writer_histogram_statistics FALSE maintain dbwr histogram statistics in x$kcbbh s
_db_writer_max_writes 0 Max number of outstanding DB Writer IOs
_db_writer_scan_depth_pct 25 Percentage of LRU buffers for dbwr to scan wh en looking for dirt
_dbg_proc_startup FALSE debug process startup
_dbwr_async_io TRUE Enable dbwriter asynchronous writes
_dbwr_scan_interval 10 dbwriter scan interval
_dbwr_tracing 0 Enable dbwriter tracing
_default_non_equality_sel_check TRUE sanity check on default selectivity for like/ range predicate
_defer_multiple_waiters TRUE if TRUE, defer down converts when there were waiters (DFS)
_diag_daemon TRUE start DIAG daemon
_disable_file_locks FALSE disable file locks for control, data, redo lo g files
_disable_incremental_checkpoints FALSE Disable incremental checkpoints for thread re covery
_disable_kcbhxor_osd FALSE disable kcbh(c)xor OSD functionality
_disable_latch_free_SCN_writes_via_32cas FALSE disable latch-free SCN writes using 32-bit co mpare & swap
_disable_latch_free_SCN_writes_via_64cas FALSE disable latch-free SCN writes using 64-bit co mpare & swap
_disable_logging FALSE Disable logging
_disable_multiple_block_sizes FALSE disable multiple block size support (for debu gging)
_disable_odm FALSE disable odm feature
_disable_recoverable_recovery FALSE Disable the new recoverable recovery mechanis m
_disable_savepoint_reset FALSE disable the fix for bug 1402161
_disable_sun_rsm TRUE Disable IPC OSD support for Sun RSMAPI
_disable_system_state 4294967294 disable system state dump
_discrete_transactions_enabled FALSE enable OLTP mode
_dispatcher_rate_scale   scale to display rate statistic (100ths of a second)
_dispatcher_rate_ttl   time-to-live for rate statistic (100ths of a second)
_distributed_recovery_connection_hold_time 200 number of seconds RECO holds outbound connect ions open
_dlm_send_timeout 30000 DLM send timeout value
_dlmtrace   Trace string of lock types(s)
_domain_index_batch_size 2000 maximum number of rows from one call to domai n index fetch routi
_domain_index_dml_batch_size 200 maximum number of rows for one call to domain index dml routines
_dss_cache_flush FALSE enable full cache flush for parallel executio n
_dump_MTTR_to_trace FALSE Dump High Availability MTTR infromation to CK PT trace file
_dump_interval_limit 120 trace dump time interval limit (in seconds)
_dump_max_limit 5 max number of dump within dump interval
_dump_system_state_scope local scope of sysstate dump during instance termin ation
_dump_trace_scope global scope of trace dump during a process crash
_dynamic_rls_policies TRUE rls policies are dynamic
_dynamic_stats_threshold 30 delay threshold (in seconds) between sending statistics messages
_eliminate_common_subexpr TRUE enables elimination of common sub-expressions
_enable_NUMA_optimization TRUE Enable NUMA specific optimizations
_enable_block_level_transaction_recovery TRUE enable block level recovery
_enable_cscn_caching FALSE enable commit SCN caching for all transaction s
_enable_default_affinity 0 to enable default implementation of affinity osds
_enable_fast_ref_after_mv_tbs FALSE enable fast refresh after move tablespace
_enable_kgh_policy FALSE temporary to disable/enable kgh policy
_enable_list_io FALSE Enable List I/O
_enable_multitable_sampling FALSE enable multitable sampling
_enable_reliable_latch_waits TRUE Enable reliable latch waits
_enable_type_dep_selectivity TRUE enable type dependent selectivity estimates
_enqueue_debug_multi_instance FALSE debug enqueue multi instance
_enqueue_hash 4445 enqueue hash table length
_enqueue_hash_chain_latches 8 enqueue hash chain latches
_enqueue_locks 27198 locks for managed enqueues
_explain_rewrite_mode FALSE allow additional messages to be generated dur ing explain rewrite
_fairness_threshold 4 number of times to CR serve before downgradin g lock (DFS)
_fast_full_scan_enabled TRUE enable/disable index fast full scan
_fifth_spare_parameter   fifth spare parameter - string
_first_spare_parameter   first spare parameter - integer
_force_datefold_trunc FALSE force use of trunc for datefolding rewrite
_force_temptables_for_gsets FALSE executes concatenation of rollups using temp tables
_fourth_spare_parameter   fourth spare parameter - string
_full_pwise_join_enabled TRUE enable full partition-wise join when TRUE
_gby_onekey_enabled TRUE enable use of one comparison of all group by keys
_gc_affinity_limit 50 dynamic affinity limit (DFS)
_gc_affinity_time 0 how often in minutes to check affinity (DFS)
_gc_check_bscn TRUE if TRUE, check for stale blocks (DFS)
_gc_defer_time 3 how long to defer down converts for hot buffe rs (DFS)
_gc_integrity_checks TRUE if TRUE, enable expensive integrity checks (D FS)
_gc_latches 16 number of latches per LMS process (DFS)
_gcs_fast_reconfig TRUE if TRUE, enable fast reconfiguration for gcs locks
_gcs_latches 128 number of gcs resource hash latches to be all ocated
_gcs_resources   number of gcs resources to be allocated
_gcs_shadow_locks   number of gcs shadow locks to be allocated
_generalized_pruning_enabled TRUE controls extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_groupby_nopushdown_cut_ratio 3 groupby nopushdown cut ratio
_groupby_orderby_combine 5000 groupby/orderby don't combine threshold
_gs_anti_semi_join_allowed TRUE enable anti/semi join for the GS query
_hard_protection FALSE if TRUE enable H.A.R.D specific format change s
_hash_multiblock_io_count 0 number of blocks hash join will read/write at once
_high_server_threshold 0 high server thresholds
_idl_conventional_index_maintenance TRUE enable conventional index maintenance for ins ert direct load
_ignore_desc_in_index FALSE ignore DESC in indexes, sort those columns as cending anyhow
_improved_outerjoin_card TRUE improved outer-join cardinality calculation
_improved_row_length_enabled TRUE enable the improvements for computing the ave rage row length
_imr_active TRUE Activate Instance Membership Recovery feature
_imr_max_reconfig_delay 300 Maximum Reconfiguration delay (seconds)
_imr_splitbrain_res_wait 600 Maximum wait for split-brain resolution (seco nds)
_index_join_enabled TRUE enable the use of index joins
_index_prefetch_factor 100 index prefetching factor
_init_sql_file ?/rdbms/admin/sql.bsq File containing SQL statements to execute upo n database creation
_initial_file_size 50 Initial size used for file creation when file size not known
_insert_enable_hwm_brokered TRUE during parallel inserts high water marks are brokered
_inst_locking_period 5 period an instance can retain a newly acquire d level1 bitmap
_instance_type RDBMS type of instance to be executed
_interconnect_checksum TRUE if TRUE, checksum interconnect blocks (DFS)
_intrapart_pdml_enabled TRUE Enable intra-partition updates/deletes
_intrapart_pdml_randomlocal_enabled TRUE Enable intra-partition updates/deletes with r andom local dist
_io_slaves_disabled FALSE Do not use I/O slaves
_ioslave_batch_count 1 Per attempt IOs picked
_ioslave_issue_count 500 IOs issued before completion check
_ipc_fail_network 0 Simulate cluster network failer
_ipc_test_failover 0 Test transparent cluster network failover
_ipc_test_mult_nets 0 simulate multiple cluster networks
_job_queue_interval 5 Wakeup interval in seconds for job queue co-o rdinator
_kcl_commit TRUE if TRUE, call kjbcommit (DFS)
_kcl_conservative_log_flush FALSE if TRUE, conservatively log flush before CR s erving (DFS)
_kcl_debug TRUE if TRUE, record le history (DFS)
_kcl_index_split TRUE if TRUE, reject pings on blocks in middle of a split (DFS)
_kcl_name_table_latches 64 number of name table latches (DFS)
_kcl_recovery_read_batch 8 recovery read batch size (DFS)
_kcl_undo_grouping 32 grouping for undo block locks (DFS)
_kcl_undo_locks 128 number of locks per undo segment (DFS)
_kcl_use_cr TRUE if TRUE, use Fusion CR buffers (DFS)
_kdbl_enable_post_allocation FALSE allocate dbas after populating data buffers
_keep_recovery_buffers FALSE if TRUE, make recovery buffers current (DFS)
_keep_remote_column_size FALSE remote column size does not get modified
_kghdsidx_count 2 max kghdsidx count
_kgl_bucket_count 9 index to the bucket count array
_kgl_latch_count 0 number of library cache latches
_kgl_multi_instance_invalidation TRUE whether KGL to support multi-instance invalid ations
_kgl_multi_instance_lock TRUE whether KGL to support multi-instance locks
_kgl_multi_instance_pin TRUE whether KGL to support multi-instance pins
_kglsim_maxmem_percent 5 max percentage of shared pool size to be used for KGL advice
_kkfi_trace FALSE trace expression substitution
_kolfuseslf FALSE allow kolf to use slffopen
_ksdxw_cini_flg 0 ksdxw context initialization flag
_ksdxw_nbufs 1000 ksdxw number of buffers in buffered mode
_ksdxw_num_pgw 10 number of watchpoints on a per-process basis
_ksdxw_num_sgw 10 number of watchpoints to be shared by all pro cesses
_ksdxw_stack_depth 4 number of PCs to collect in the stack when wa tchpoint is hit
_ksi_trace   KSI trace string of lock type(s)
_ksmg_granule_locking_status 1 granule locking status
_ksmg_granule_size 16777216 granule size in bytes
_ksu_diag_kill_time 5 number of seconds ksuitm waits before killing diag
_ktc_latches 0 number of ktc latches
_ktu_latches 0 number of KTU latches
_large_pool_min_alloc 3 minimum allocation size in bytes for the larg e allocation pool
_last_allocation_period 5 period over which an instance can retain an a ctive level1 bitmap
_latch_class_0   latch class 0
_latch_class_1   latch class 1
_latch_class_2   latch class 2
_latch_class_3   latch class 3
_latch_class_4   latch class 4
_latch_class_5   latch class 5
_latch_class_6   latch class 6
_latch_class_7   latch class 7
_latch_classes   latch classes override
_latch_miss_stat_sid 0 Sid of process for which to collect latch sta ts
_latch_recovery_alignment 998 align latch recovery structures
_ldr_io_size 262144 size of write IOs used during a load operatio n
_left_nested_loops_random TRUE enable random distribution method for left of nestedloops
_lgwr_async_io FALSE LGWR Asynchronous IO enabling boolean flag
_lgwr_delay_write FALSE LGWR write delay for debugging
_lgwr_io_slaves 0 LGWR I/O slaves
_lgwr_max_ns_wt 5 Maximum wait time for lgwr to allow NetServer to progress
_lgwr_ns_nl_max 1000 Variable to simulate network latency
_lgwr_ns_nl_min 500 Variable to simulate network latency
_lgwr_ns_sim_err 0 Variable to simulate errors lgwrns
_library_cache_advice TRUE whether KGL advice should be turned on
_like_with_bind_as_equality FALSE treat LIKE predicate with bind as an equality predicate
_lm_activate_lms_threshold 100 threshold value to activate an additional lms
_lm_cache_lvl0_cleanup 0 how often to cleanup level 0 cache res (in se c)
_lm_cache_res_cleanup 25 percentage of cached resources should be clea nup
_lm_cache_res_type   cache resource: string of lock types(s)
_lm_dd_interval 60 dd time interval in seconds
_lm_direct_sends all Processes which will do direct sends
_lm_drm_window 32 dynamic remastering bucket window size
_lm_dynamic_lms FALSE dynamic lms invocation
_lm_dynamic_load TRUE dynamic load adjustment
_lm_dynamic_remastering FALSE if TRUE enables dynamic remastering
_lm_enq_lock_freelist   Number of ges enqueue element freelist
_lm_enq_rcfg TRUE if TRUE enables enqueue reconfiguration
_lm_enqeue_freelist 3 Number of enqueue freelist
_lm_file_affinity   mapping between file id and master instance n umber
_lm_global_posts FALSE if TRUE deliver global posts to remote nodes
_lm_lmd_waittime 4 default wait time for lmd
_lm_lms 0 number of background global cache server proc esses to start
_lm_lms_waittime 8 default wait time for lms
_lm_locks 12000 number of enqueues configured for cluster dat abase
_lm_master_weight 1 master resource weight for this instance
_lm_max_lms 0 max. number of background global cache server processes
_lm_min_lms 0 min. number of background global cache server processes
_lm_msg_batch_size 2048 GES batch message size
_lm_msg_cache_thresholds   GES message buffer caching threshold
_lm_msg_cleanup_interval 3000 GES message buffer cleanup interval time
_lm_node_join_opt FALSE cluster database node join optimization in re config
_lm_non_fault_tolerant FALSE disable cluster database fault-tolerance mode
_lm_num_pcmhv_latches 0 number of latches covering the PCM HV buckets in cgs
_lm_proc_freeze_timeout 300 reconfiguration: process freeze timeout
_lm_process_batching TRUE GES implicit process batching for IPC message s
_lm_procs 127 number of client processes configured for clu ster database
_lm_rcfg_timeout 180000 Reconfiguration timeout
_lm_rcv_buffer_size 32768 the size of receive buffer
_lm_res_hash_bucket 0 number of resource hash buckets
_lm_res_part 1289 number of resource partition configured for g cs
_lm_ress 6000 number of resources configured for cluster da tabase
_lm_send_buffers 10000 number of cluster database send buffers
_lm_send_queue_batching TRUE GES send queue message batching
_lm_send_queue_length 5000 GES send queue maximum length
_lm_share_lock_opt FALSE if TRUE enables share lock optimization
_lm_sq_batch_factor 2 GES send queue minimum batching factor
_lm_sync_timeout   Synchronization timeout for DLM reconfigurati on steps
_lm_ticket_active_sendback   Flow control ticket active sendback threshold
_lm_tickets 1000 GES messaging tickets
_lm_tx_delta 16 TX lock localization delta
_lm_validate_resource_type FALSE if TRUE enables resource name validation
_lm_xids 139 number of transaction IDs configured for clus ter database
_load_without_compile NONE Load PL/SQL or Database objects without compi lation
_local_communication_costing_enabled TRUE enable local communication costing when TRUE
_local_communication_ratio 50 set the ratio between global and local commun ication (0..100)
_lock_sga_areas 0 Lock specified areas of the SGA in physical m emory
_log_archive_buffer_size 2048 Size of each archival buffer in log file bloc ks
_log_archive_buffers 4 Number of buffers to allocate for archiving
_log_archive_callout   archival callout
_log_archive_delta_sync_wait 0 iterative sleep time in centiseconds seconds when SYNC=PARALLEL
_log_archive_net_timeout 0 maximum network wait time in seconds when SYN C=PARALLEL
_log_blocks_during_backup TRUE log block images when changed during backup
_log_buffers_corrupt FALSE corrupt redo buffers before write
_log_buffers_debug FALSE debug redo buffers (slows things down)
_log_checkpoint_recovery_check 0 # redo blocks to verify after checkpoint
_log_committime_block_cleanout FALSE Log commit-time block cleanout
_log_debug_multi_instance FALSE debug redo multi instance code
_log_io_size 0 automatically initiate log write if this many redo blocks in buf
_log_simultaneous_copies 16 number of simultaneous copies into redo buffe r(# of copy latches
_log_space_errors TRUE should we report space errors to alert log
_log_switch_timeout 0 Maximum number of seconds redos in the curren t log could span
_low_server_threshold 0 low server thresholds
_master_direct_sends 31 direct sends for messages from master (DFS)
_mav_refresh_consistent_read TRUE refresh materialized views using consistent r ead snapshot
_mav_refresh_double_count_prevented FALSE materialized view MAV refreshes avoid double counting
_mav_refresh_opt 0 optimizations during refresh of materialized views
_mav_refresh_unionall_tables 3 # tables for union all expansion during mater ialized view refres
_max_exponential_sleep 0 max sleep during exponential backoff
_max_sleep_holding_latch 4 max time to sleep while holding a latch
_messages 4000 message queue resources - dependent on # proc esses & # buffers
_minimal_stats_aggregation TRUE prohibit stats aggregation at compile/partiti on maintenance time
_minimum_giga_scn 0 Minimum SCN to start with in 2^30 units
_multi_join_key_table_lookup TRUE TRUE iff multi-join-key table lookup prefetch is enabled
_mv_refresh_delta_fraction 10 delta mv as fractional percentage of size of mv
_mv_refresh_eut TRUE refresh materialized views using EUT(partitio n)-based algorithm
_mv_refresh_new_setup_disabled FALSE materialized view MV refresh new setup disabl ing
_mv_refresh_selections TRUE create materialized views with selections and fast refresh
_mv_refresh_use_stats TRUE pass cardinality hints to refresh queries
_nchar_imp_cnv TRUE NLS allow Implicit Conversion between CHAR an d NCHAR
_ncmb_readahead_enabled 0 enable multi-block readahead for an index sca n
_ncmb_readahead_tracing 0 turn on multi-block readahead tracing
_nested_loop_fudge 100 nested loop fudge
_nested_mav_fast_oncommit_enabled FALSE nested MAV refresh fast on commit allowed
_new_initial_join_orders TRUE enable initial join orders based on new order ing heuristics
_new_sort_cost_estimate TRUE enables the use of new cost estimate for sort
_no_objects FALSE no object features are used
_no_or_expansion FALSE OR expansion during optimization disabled
_ns_max_flush_wt 1 Flush wait time for NetServer to flush oustan ding writes
_num_longop_child_latches 8 number of child latches for long op array
_number_cached_attributes 10 maximum number of cached attributes per insta nce
_object_statistics TRUE enable the object level statistics collection
_offline_rollback_segments   offline undo segment list
_ogms_home   GMS home directory
_olap_aggregate_buffer_size 1048576 OLAP Aggregate max buffer size
_olap_aggregate_child_fragment_size 32 OLAP Aggregate child fragment size
_olap_aggregate_child_max_size 32768 OLAP Aggregate child list max size
_olap_aggregate_flags 0 OLAP Aggregate debug flags
_olap_aggregate_function_cache_enabled TRUE OLAP Aggregate function cache enabler
_olap_aggregate_function_merge_threshold 32768 OLAP Aggregate function merge threshold
_olap_aggregate_max_thread_tuples 5000 OLAP Aggregate max thread tuples creation
_olap_aggregate_min_buffer_size 1024 OLAP Aggregate min buffer size
_olap_aggregate_min_thread_status 64 OLAP Aggregate minimum cardinality of dimensi ons for thread
_olap_aggregate_multipath_hier FALSE OLAP Aggregate Multi-path Hierarhies enabled
_olap_aggregate_statlen_thresh 1024 OLAP Aggregate status array usage threshold
_olap_aggregate_store_probability 100 OLAP Aggregate function storeback probability
_olap_aggregate_work_per_thread 1024 OLAP Aggregate max work parents
_olap_aggregate_worklist_max 5000 OLAP Aggregate max worklists generated at onc e
_olap_allocate_errorlog_format %8p %8y %8z %e (%n) OLAP Allocate Errorlog Format
_olap_allocate_errorlog_header Dim Source Basis % -8d %-8s %-8b Description -------- -------- ------ -- ----------- OLAP Allocate Errorlog Header format
_olap_continuous_trace_file FALSE Specify TRUE to enable continuous OLAP tracin g - otherwise only
_olap_dimsave_restore_cache_values TRUE OLAP Dimsave restores cached dimension values
_olap_eif_export_lob_size 2147483647 OLAP EIF Export BLOB size
_olap_object_hash_class 2 OLAP Object Hash Table Class
_olap_parallel_update_threshold 1000 OLAP parallel update threshold in pages
_olap_poutlog_echo_to_eventlog FALSE OLAP POutLog copy output to event log (tracef ile)
_olap_sort_buffer_size 65536 OLAP Sort Buffer Size
_olap_statbool_corebits 20000000 OLAP Status Boolean max incore bits
_olap_statbool_threshold 8100 OLAP Status Boolean CBM threshold
_old_connect_by_enabled FALSE enable/disable old connect by
_omf enabled enable/disable OMF
_oneside_colstat_for_equijoins TRUE sanity check on default selectivity for like/ range predicate
_open_files_limit 4294967294 Limit on number of files opened by I/O subsys tem
_optim_adjust_for_part_skews TRUE adjust stats for skews across partitions
_optim_enhance_nnull_detection TRUE TRUE to enable index [fast] full scan more of ten
_optim_new_default_join_sel TRUE improves the way default equijoin selectivity are computed
_optim_peek_user_binds TRUE enable peeking of user binds
_optimizer_adjust_for_nulls TRUE adjust selectivity for null values
_optimizer_choose_permutation 0 force the optimizer to use the specified perm utation
_optimizer_cost_model CHOOSE optimizer cost model
_optimizer_degree 0 force the optimizer to use the same degree of parallelism
_optimizer_dyn_smp_blks 32 number of blocks for optimizer dynamic sampli ng
_optimizer_join_sel_sanity_check FALSE enable/disable sanity check for multi-column join selectivity
_optimizer_mode_force TRUE force setting of optimizer mode for user recu rsive SQL also
_optimizer_new_join_card_computation TRUE compute join cardinality using non-rounded in put values
_optimizer_percent_parallel 101 optimizer percent parallel
_optimizer_search_limit 5 optimizer search limit
_optimizer_skip_scan_enabled TRUE enable/disable index skip scan
_optimizer_sortmerge_join_enabled TRUE enable/disable sort-merge join method
_optimizer_system_stats_usage 0 system statistics usage
_optimizer_undo_changes FALSE undo changes to query optimizer
_optimizer_undo_cost_change 9.2.0 optimizer undo cost change
_or_expand_nvl_predicate TRUE enable OR expanded plan for NVL/DECODE predic ate
_oracle_trace_events   Oracle TRACE event flags
_oracle_trace_facility_version   Oracle TRACE facility version
_ordered_nested_loop TRUE enable ordered nested loop costing
_ordered_semijoin TRUE enable ordered semi-join subquery
_parallel_adaptive_max_users 1 maximum number of users running with default DOP
_parallel_broadcast_enabled TRUE enable broadcasting of small inputs to hash a nd sort merge joins
_parallel_default_max_instances 1 default maximum number of instances for paral lel query
_parallel_execution_message_align FALSE Alignment of PX buffers to OS page boundary
_parallel_fake_class_pct 0 fake db-scheduler percent used for testing
_parallel_load_bal_unit 0 number of threads to allocate per instance
_parallel_load_balancing TRUE parallel execution load balanced slave alloca tion
_parallel_min_message_pool 3718656 minimum size of shared pool memory to reserve for pq servers
_parallel_recovery_stopat 32767 stop at -position- to step through SMON
_parallel_server_idle_time 5 idle time before parallel query server dies
_parallel_server_sleep_time 10 sleep time between dequeue timeouts (in 1/100 ths)
_parallel_txn_global FALSE enable parallel_txn hint with updates and del etes
_parallelism_cost_fudge_factor 350 set the parallelism cost fudge factor
_partial_pwise_join_enabled TRUE enable partial partition-wise join when TRUE
_passwordfile_enqueue_timeout 900 password file enqueue timeout in seconds
_pct_refresh_double_count_prevented TRUE materialized view PCT refreshes avoid double counting
_pdml_gim_sampling 5000 control separation of global index maintenanc e for PDML
_pdml_gim_staggered FALSE slaves start on different index when doing in dex maint
_pdml_slaves_diff_part TRUE slaves start on different partition when doin g index maint
_pga_max_size 209715200 Maximum size of the PGA memory for one proces s
_ping_level 4 fusion ping level (DFS)
_plsql_conditional_compilation FALSE PL/SQL conditional compilation
_plsql_dump_buffer_events   conditions upon which the PL/SQL circular buf fer is dumped
_pmon_load_constants 300,192,64,3,10,10,0 server load balancing constants (S,P,D,I,L,C, M)
_pre_rewrite_push_pred TRUE push predicates into views before rewrite
_precompute_gid_values TRUE precompute gid values and copy them before re turning a row
_pred_move_around TRUE enables predicate move-around
_predicate_elimination_enabled TRUE allow predicate elimination if set to TRUE
_project_view_columns TRUE enable projecting out unreferenced columns of a view
_push_join_predicate TRUE enable pushing join predicate inside a view
_push_join_union_view TRUE enable pushing join predicate inside a union view
_px_async_getgranule FALSE asynchronous get granule in the slave
_px_broadcast_fudge_factor 100 set the tq broadcasting fudge factor percenta ge
_px_dynamic_opt TRUE turn off/on restartable qerpx dynamic optimiz ation
_px_dynamic_sample_size 50 num of samples for restartable qerpx dynamic optimization
_px_granule_size 100000 default size of a rowid range granule (in KB)
_px_index_sampling 200 parallel query sampling for index create (100 000 = 100%)
_px_kxib_tracing 0 turn on kxib tracing
_px_load_publish_interval 200 interval at which LMON will check whether to publish PX load
_px_max_granules_per_slave 100 maximum number of rowid range granules to gen erate per slave
_px_min_granules_per_slave 13 minimum number of rowid range granules to gen erate per slave
_px_no_stealing FALSE prevent parallel granule stealing in shared n othing environment
_px_trace none px trace parameter
_query_cost_rewrite TRUE perform the cost based rewrite with materiali zed views
_query_rewrite_1 TRUE perform query rewrite before&after or only be fore view merging
_query_rewrite_2 TRUE perform query rewrite before&after or only af ter view merging
_query_rewrite_drj TRUE mv rewrite and drop redundant joins
_query_rewrite_expression TRUE rewrite with cannonical form for expressions
_query_rewrite_fpc TRUE mv rewrite fresh partition containment
_query_rewrite_fudge 90 cost based query rewrite with MVs fudge facto r
_query_rewrite_jgmigrate TRUE mv rewrite with jg migration
_query_rewrite_maxdisjunct 257 query rewrite max disjuncts
_query_rewrite_or_error FALSE allow query rewrite, if referenced tables are not dataless
_query_rewrite_vop_cleanup TRUE prune frocol chain before rewrite after view- merging
_realfree_heap_free_threshold 4194303 threshold for performing real-free, in Kbytes
_realfree_heap_max_size 32768 minimum max total heap size, in Kbytes
_realfree_heap_mode 0 mode flags for real-free heap
_recoverable_recovery_batch_percent 50 Recoverable recovery batch size (percentage o f buffer cache)
_recovery_asserts FALSE if TRUE, enable expensive recovery sanity che cks (DFS)
_recovery_claim_batch_size 10 number of messages to batch in a recovery cla im message (DFS)
_recovery_percentage 50 recovery buffer cache percentage
_release_insert_threshold 5 maximum number of unusable blocks to unlink f rom freelist
_reliable_block_sends FALSE if TRUE, block sends across interconnect are reliable
_reuse_index_loop 5 number of blocks being examine for index bloc k reuse
_rollback_segment_count 0 number of undo segments
_rollback_segment_initial 1 starting undo segment number
_row_cache_cursors 10 number of cached cursors for row cache manage ment
_row_cr FALSE enable row cr for all sql
_rowsource_execution_statistics FALSE if TRUE, Oracle will collect rowsource level statistics
_scn_scheme   SCN scheme
_second_spare_parameter   second spare parameter - integer
_send_ast_to_foreground TRUE if TRUE, send ast message to foreground
_send_close_with_block TRUE if TRUE, send close with block even with dire ct sends
_send_requests_to_PI TRUE if TRUE, try to send CR requests to PI buffer s (DFS)
_serial_direct_read FALSE enable direct read in serial
_session_idle_bit_latches 0 one latch per session or a latch per group of sessions
_seventh_spare_parameter   seventh spare parameter - string list
_shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc 4400 minimum allocation size in bytes for reserved area of shared poo
_shared_pool_reserved_pct 5 percentage memory of the shared pool allocate d for the reserved
_shrunk_aggs_disable_threshold 60 percentage of exceptions at which to switch t o full length aggs
_shrunk_aggs_enabled TRUE enable use of variable sized buffers for non- distinct aggregates
_side_channel_batch_size 100 number of messages to batch in a side channel message (DFS)
_side_channel_batch_timeout 5 timeout before shipping out all the batched s ide channel message
_single_process FALSE run without detached processes
_sixth_spare_parameter   sixth spare parameter - string list
_skip_assume_msg TRUE if TRUE, skip assume message for consigns at the master
_slave_mapping_enabled TRUE enable slave mapping when TRUE
_slave_mapping_group_size 0 force the number of slave group in a slave ma pper
_small_table_threshold 5081 threshold level of table size for direct read s
_smm_advice_enabled TRUE if TRUE, enable v$pga_advice
_smm_advice_log_size 0 overwrites default size of the PGA advice wor karea history log
_smm_auto_cost_enabled FALSE if TRUE, use the AUTO size policy cost functi ons
_smm_auto_max_io_size 248 Maximum IO size (in KB) used by sort/hash-joi n in auto mode
_smm_auto_min_io_size 56 Minimum IO size (in KB) used by sort/hash-joi n in auto mode
_smm_bound 0 overwrites memory manager automatically compu ted bound
_smm_control 0 provides controls on the memory manager
_smm_max_size 0 maximum work area size in auto mode (serial)
_smm_min_size 128 minimum work area size in auto mode
_smm_px_max_size 0 maximum work area size in auto mode (global)
_smm_trace 0 Turn on/off tracing for SQL memory manager
_smon_consume_post FALSE consume any extra posts after completion of t ransaction recovery
_smon_internal_errlimit 100 limit of SMON internal errors
_smu_debug_mode 0 <debug-flag> - set debug event for testing SM U operations
_smu_error_simulation_site 0 site ID of error simulation in KTU code
_smu_error_simulation_type 0 error type for error simulation in KTU code
_sort_elimination_cost_ratio 0 cost ratio for sort eimination under first_ro ws mode
_sort_multiblock_read_count 2 multi-block read count for sort
_sort_space_for_write_buffers 1 tenths of sort_area_size devoted to direct wr ite buffers
_sortmerge_inequality_join_off FALSE turns off sort-merge join on inequality
_spin_count 2000 Amount to spin waiting for a latch
_sql_connect_capability_override 0 SQL Connect Capability Table Override
_sql_connect_capability_table   SQL Connect Capability Table (testing only)
_sqlexec_progression_cost 1000 sql execution progression monitoring cost thr eshold
_subquery_pruning_cost_factor 20 subquery pruning cost factor
_subquery_pruning_enabled TRUE enable the use of subquery predicates to perf orm pruning
_subquery_pruning_mv_enabled FALSE enable the use of subquery predicates with MV s to perform prunin
_subquery_pruning_reduction 50 subquery pruning reduction factor
_system_index_caching 0 optimizer percent system index caching
_system_trig_enabled TRUE are system triggers enabled
_table_lookup_prefetch_size 40 table lookup prefetch vector size
_table_lookup_prefetch_thresh 2 table lookup prefetch threshold
_table_scan_cost_plus_one TRUE bump estimated full table scan and index ffs cost by one
_temp_tran_block_threshold 100 number of blocks for a dimension before we te mp transform
_temp_tran_cache TRUE determines if temp table is created with cach e option
_test_ksusigskip 5 test the function ksusigskip
_test_param_1 25 test parmeter 1 - integer
_test_param_2   test parameter 2 - string
_test_param_3   test parameter 3 - string
_test_param_4   test parameter 4 - string list
_test_param_5 25 test parmeter 5 - deprecated integer
_test_param_6 0 test parmeter 6 - size (ub8)
_third_spare_parameter   third spare parameter - integer
_tq_dump_period 0 time period for duping of TQ statistics (s)
_trace_archive FALSE start DIAG process
_trace_buffer_flushes FALSE trace buffer flushes if otrace cacheIO event is set
_trace_buffer_gets FALSE trace kcb buffer gets if otrace cacheIO event is set
_trace_buffer_wait_timeouts 0 trace buffer busy wait timeouts
_trace_buffers ALL:256 trace buffer sizes per process
_trace_cr_buffer_creates FALSE trace cr buffer creates if otrace cacheIO eve nt is set
_trace_events   trace events enabled at startup
_trace_file_size 65536 maximum size of trace file (in number of trac e records)
_trace_files_public TRUE Create publicly accessible trace files
_trace_flush_processes ALL trace data archived by DIAG for these process es
_trace_instance_termination FALSE trace instance termination actions
_trace_multi_block_reads FALSE trace multi_block reads if otrace cacheIO eve nt is set
_trace_options text,multiple trace data flush options
_trace_pin_time 0 trace how long a current pin is held
_trace_processes ALL enable KST tracing in process
_transaction_recovery_servers 0 max number of parallel recovery slaves that m ay be used
_tts_allow_nchar_mismatch FALSE allow plugging in a tablespace with a differe nt national charact
_two_pass TRUE enable two-pass thread recovery
_two_pass_reverse_polish_enabled TRUE uses two-pass reverse polish alg. to generate canonical forms
_union_rewrite_for_gs CHOOSE expand queries with GSets into UNIONs for rew rite
_unnest_notexists_sq SINGLE unnest NOT EXISTS subquery with one or more t ables if possible
_unnest_subquery TRUE enables unnesting of correlated subqueries
_use_column_stats_for_function TRUE enable the use of column statistics for DDP f unctions
_use_ism TRUE Enable Shared Page Tables - ISM
_use_new_explain_plan FALSE if TRUE, use the AUTO size policy cost functi ons
_use_nosegment_indexes FALSE use nosegment indexes in explain plan
_use_realfree_heap FALSE use real-free based allocator for PGA memory
_use_seq_process_cache TRUE whether to use process local seq cache
_use_vector_post TRUE use vector post
_verify_undo_quota FALSE TRUE - verify consistency of undo quota stati stics
_wait_for_sync TRUE wait for sync on commit MUST BE ALWAYS TRUE
_walk_insert_threshold 0 maximum number of unusable blocks to walk acr oss freelist
_watchpoint_on FALSE is the watchpointing feature turned on?
_write_clones 3 write clones flag
_xsolapi_cursor_max_rows_to_cache_per_req 15000 OLAP API max rows to cache per request
_xsolapi_cursor_max_time_for_partial_cache 5000 OLAP API cursor max execute time for partial cache
_xsolapi_cursor_use_row_cache TRUE OLAP API enable cursor caching
_xsolapi_debug_output   OLAP API debug output disposition
_xsolapi_dimension_group_creation OVERFETCH OLAP API symmetric overfetch
_xsolapi_fetch_type PARTIAL OLAP API fetch type
_xsolapi_source_trace FALSE OLAP API output Source definitions to trace f ile
_xsolapi_sql_all_multi_join_non_base_hints   OLAP API multi-join non-base hints
_xsolapi_sql_all_non_base_hints   OLAP API non-base hints
_xsolapi_sql_auto_dimension_hints FALSE OLAP API enable automatic dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_auto_measure_hints TRUE OLAP API enable automatic measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_dimension_hints   OLAP API dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_hints   OLAP API generic hints
_xsolapi_sql_measure_hints   OLAP API measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_optimize TRUE OLAP API enable optimization
_xsolapi_sql_prepare_stmt_cache_size 16 OLAP API prepare statement cache size
_xsolapi_sql_remove_columns TRUE OLAP API enable remove unused columns optimiz ations
_xsolapi_sql_result_set_cache_size 32 OLAP API result set cache size
_xsolapi_sql_symmetric_predicate TRUE OLAP API enable symmetric predicate for dimen sion groups
_xsolapi_sql_top_dimension_hints   OLAP API top dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_top_measure_hints   OLAP API top measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_use_bind_variables TRUE OLAP API enable bind variables optimization
_yield_check_interval 100000 interval to check whether actses should yield