Oracle Database 11g: Interactive Quick Reference, Your Essential Guide to Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Last fall, I posted a note about Oracle Database 11g Architecture and Background Processes. This post is just a short note to point out that last week, Oracle University has made Oracle Database 11g Interactive Quick Reference available to public for download; it is a flash application, available for offline use in compressed file (.ZIP) and self extracting executable (.EXE) file format, reference includes:

  • Top DBA Views: Key DBA static data dictionary views and dynamic performance views organized by product feature areas
  • Architecture: A single diagram that illustrates the relationships between key database memory structures, processes, and storage
  • Background Processes: A comprehensive list that categorizes the background processes and flags which are new in Oracle

Use this helpful reference as a cheat sheet for writing custom data dictionary scripts, locating views pertinent to a specific database component, and more.

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