Upgrade path for Oracle Database 11g Release 1

Still quite a few remain in 7.3, 8.1.7 and (ofcourse, without a support on very old versions and happy with what they have) – Others are gearing towards to upgrade to Oracle 11g Release 1. The recommended direct and indirect path upgrade listed below:

  • Direct Upgrade Path
Source Database Target Database (or higher) 11.1.x (or higher) 11.1.x (or higher) 11.1.x
  •  Indirect Upgrade Path
Source Database Intermediate Upgrade Path Target Database (or lower) 7.3.4.x –> 11.1.x (or lower) 8.0.6.x –> 11.1.x (or lower) –> 11.1.x (or lower) –> 11.1.x

For example – If source database is then recommended upgrade path to be followed is  (to–>) (to–>) (or higher)  (to–>) 11.1.x

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