Toad 11.0: Deprecated Features

This is just a short note to point out that, as per release notes, the following features have been removed from the menus in Toad 11 and they will be permanently removed after Toad 11.

  • View Extents and Free Space Deficits—These features were created for dictionary-managed tablespaces, which are rarely used since Oracle 8i introduced locally-managed tablespaces.
  • Server Statistics—This information is generally available in the Session Browser.
  • View Dependencies—This information is available in Code Road Map and the Schema Browser | Used By tab.
  • Control Files—This read-only window provides information that is infrequently used.
  • UNIX Kernel Parameters and Windows Registry Parameters—These features are out-of-date and beyond the scope of Toad to maintain.
  • Session Information—This information is available in the Schema Browser | Users tab.
  • Archive Window—The archiving ability is available as a Toad Action.
  • Network Utilities—The TNSPing feature is available on the Database Login window. The REXEC/SSH feature is available as a Toad Action.
  • New Database Wizard—This feature is rarely used. You can create a new database with Oracle’s wizard.
  • JDWP (Java) Debugger—Oracle 11g uses just-in-time compiling, and by default there is no debugging information in the Java stored procedures. Most users do not have the privileges to enable the Java debugging information. In addition, Oracle recommends that Java stored procedures are debugged before storing them in the database.

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