Computing Oracle SQL_ID and HASH_VALUE

I needed an hash function, in Java, which is simple, practically less collision and provides a short alphanumeric or an unsigned number as hash for any string or text. I stumbled upon few blog posts that explain how Oracle SQL_ID and HASH_VALUE are calculated by database engine, concisely and elaborately; also implementations in Python and …

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Toad 11.0: Deprecated Features

This is just a short note to point out that, as per release notes, the following features have been removed from the menus in Toad 11 and they will be permanently removed after Toad 11. View Extents and Free Space Deficits—These features were created for dictionary-managed tablespaces, which are rarely used since Oracle 8i introduced …

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SQL Developer: Database Export Wizard to export DDL and Data as DML

Sometimes, you would want to generate a script that you would like to run repeatedly in many environments for many objects. In such situations, use of Database Export wizard helps you generate DDL and DML (INSERT) script; – you can select object types, specific objects and filter out or restrict the data exported. Step1: Source …

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Customizing TOAD SQL Explain Plan Content

The default display of Explain Plan in TOAD SQL Editor has very basic information.  Right-clicking on the explain plan and selecting “Adjust Content” from the context menu will bring “Execution Plan Preferences” window, which allows you to control the information displayed in the Explain Plan tab.