Computing Oracle SQL_ID and HASH_VALUE

I needed an hash function, in Java, which is simple, practically less collision and provides a short alphanumeric or an unsigned number as hash for any string or text. I stumbled upon few blog posts that explain how Oracle SQL_ID and HASH_VALUE are calculated by database engine, concisely and elaborately; also implementations in Python and …

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Enabling and Disabling Database Options

This is just a short note to point out that starting from Oracle database 11g Release 2, a command line utility, chopt (change option) is available to enable or disable a particular database feature; the tool is located under ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.  Currently, you can enable or disable the following features using this utility: Oracle Data Mining RDBMS Files, …

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OERR: The command line Oracle error code lookup utility

OERR stands for Oracle Error, which is a utility ships with Oracle distribution for Linux and UNIX that helps retrieve messages from message (.msg) files based on the supplied error code. This utility is not available for Windows, but there are variants freely available on the Internet. The error code consists of two parts, facility …

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